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Digital Program Management

The world has already moved online and construction is not left behind. Gone are the days of managing work using pen and paper, whiteboards and dry erase markers, sticky notes, and your cubicle walls only. More people than ever can access, build, and manage digital products. The most successful companies are taking advantage of that massive audience and capability. At NeonTouch we can make your construction project world much easier by harnessing the strength of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and a connected data environment, enabling you both broad and detailed views of all phases of a project, helping mitigate or avoid problems that can stall your project. This will drive new partnerships and collaboration, improving construction workflows, shortening project life cycles, and leading to better outcomes. Below are the related services we offer at NeonTouch:
  • o 4-Stage Program Management system for Capital Projects
  • o Digital Construction Solutions

4-Stage Program Management System

Every major company with substantial capital project spend has a project management system. The system includes processes and tool required to achieve excellent project outcome and maintain consistency in project planning and execution. The typical 4-Stage Project Management System is shown below. There is a Decision Point at the end of each phase where company management must make a conscious decision to proceed to the next phase. Our system has the following features:
  • • 4-Stage Program management system for achieving maximum return on Capital Projects and Programs.
  • • Collaborative, Multi-User Tool between Program managers, Project Managers, Project teams and Contractors.
  • • Integrates seamlessly with any other Gated project Systems
  • • Demonstrated tools to help the team hit the ground running.
  • • Processes and tools can be deployed quickly.
  • • Integrates Digital Construction Solutions
  • • Scalable for small and major capital projects
  • • Repository of Project History and Information
  • • Work within the Software and tie to other Company ERP systems as necessary

Digital Construction Solutions

Digitalizing your construction process is a landmine of opportunities for cost efficiency and competency differentiation.

NeonTouch ’s digital construction solutions span every phase of the project – from project planning through construction, and operations creating a digital cord that connects the facility’s lifecycle.

4D models intelligently links a 3D model with project schedule information and allows you to easily manage a construction project of any complexity and size.  3D model can be imported from all commonly available engineering design software or created from scratch using specialized draughting software.  

The 4D modeling approach benefits your project by providing:

  • – Powerful visualization of the construction process
  • – Project plan validation
  • – Elimination of incorrect activity sequencing associated with the tradition scheduling
  • – Streamlined construction productivity
  • – Reduced cost & error in construction
  • – Efficient logistics management

Our major application includes:

  • – Improving construction safety through early safety reviews
  • – Constructability Reviews, including Digital Rehearsals
  • – Virtual Reporting/ Status Visualization
  • – Digital Twinning
  • – Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)
  • – Commissioning and Start-up Planning

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